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The 3rd installment of the Death Race franchise, which is a remake of the 1981 film of the same name, stars Jason Statham, Scott Adkins, Mike Verdoia, and Keanu Reeves. "The Slaughterhouse Five" is a 2000 horror film directed by Steve Miner, written by Mark Pellington and starring William Forsythe, Lisa Rinna, and a 7 foot 5 inch Vincent Price lookalike who uses it as his sidekick. It's a remake of the 1972 film of the same name. The cartoon features two kids, Diego and Ivan, who are trying to get a new skateboard for Diego's birthday. The family is in fact being held hostage by the two boys. Chris and Carlos have finally found an anonymous informant to warn them of the impending SWAT team ambush. The informant gives the boys the address of their location, but the boys already moved. Later that night, the boys find that their location has been moved again. Chris and Carlos go to their new location and find out that the informant was in fact working with the SWAT team that will ambush them. Chris and Carlos decide to go out on their own to find the informant's location, and they discover a place where the informant can hide. That night, Diego and Ivan move out of their house and spend the night in a place where they feel more comfortable. While the boys are in their sleeping bag, an intruder breaks into their house and pulls a gun on them. Later that night, Diego finds that his bedroom window has been broken. He then goes out and finds the intruder who pulls a gun on him and chases after him. Later that night, Carlos finally finds out the address of the informant's location. Meanwhile, the SWAT team has found the informant's location and they are waiting for him to give them the address. Chris and Carlos find that the informant's location is the place where Diego had found the intruder. They decide to go and get the informant to tell them his location. Diego and Ivan spend the night at a place where they feel more comfortable. They go to their informant's location, and the informant tells Chris and Carlos that he will not tell them what is going on. They discover that the SWAT team has been ambushed. Chris and Carlos run to the place where they found Diego's intruder, and Diego and Ivan are already there. They see the intruder trying to get up, but he is




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