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Tour Schedule

Home Base is in Cleveland,OH!

Travel dates are contingent upon prebookings and deposits! Please DO NOT send deposits until you have been screened, a date has been set and plans have been made. If you would like to send donations to show you are serious, that's your choice and definitely appreciated but not a substitution for screening.

We travel to Detroit every couple of weeks! Help us plan our next trip around a day you would like to see Mia or I! Maybe BOTH!?

If you are within 4 hours drive time of Cleveland, Ohio (or a city we visit often) and would like to book one of us, you must be OK with sending an additional travel/hotel deposit (+$50-$100 depending on distance and if i need to get a room or not) and provide required screening information (NEW CLIENTS PAGE).

Let's set something up!.

Deposit required for all first time clients.

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